I found a baby bird on the ground. What should I feed it?
If you find a very young baby bird that has fallen out of the nest (few or undeveloped feathers) try to locate the nest and replace the baby bird. Your "human" smell will not frighten the adults and they will continue to care for the baby bird.

If the bird is a little more developed and is moving around on its own the best thing to do is to leave it alone. You may not see one of the parent birds but the odds are they are still caring for the baby bird.

Only licensed wildlife specialists are authorized to handle most lost, sick or injured birds. Try contacting a nearby rehabilitation center before taking a young bird. Follow their advice on the baby bird.

If you do not find a rehab center near you then contact your local Fish and Wildlife Management office. One of the following offices may be able to assist you.

The Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offices in Alabama



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