How can I keep squirrels from raiding by seed feeders?
Squirrels have created their own mini-industry of squirrel-proof feeders. There are a couple of things to consider in dealing with squirrels and several different options available.

First, squirrels can jump up to 5 feet high and 8 feet across! If you have the room try locating your feeders outside the range of their prodigious leaps. If your feeders are pole mounted you may need to use a baffle on the pole. You can manufacture your own from chicken wire or purchase one of several commercial designs.

A baffle can be used below pole-mounted feeders.

There are several different squirrel-proof feeder designs. One design uses a wire cage around the feeder. The size of the screen allows smaller species to access the feeder while keeping the squirrels at bay. Various spring-weighted designs close the feeder port if heavy birds, such as grackles, or squirrels attempt to feed.

A sample squirrel proof design
using a wire cage.

Many of those that feed birds also enjoy the antics of squirrels and will set up a separate feeding station, usually corn, to draw the attention of the squirrels away from their bird feeders.

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