Tube feeders are cylindrical in shape, usually from about 8" to 36" in length and about 4" in diameter. The tube itself is usually plastic but can be glass. The tube is most often clear but white tubes are also popular.

Tube feeders can be designed to feed either sunflower/mixed seed or Nyler®(thistle) and are usually called finch feeders in the later case. They can be pole mounted or hung from a tree limb, deck railing etc.

This tube feeder has a wire cage and large seed reservoir.

A typical finch feeder.

Tube feeders are somewhat more selective than hopper feeders as the short perches tend to limit access from larger species. Some tube feeders have a wire frame on the outside to prevent squirrels and larger species of birds (grackles, for example) from reaching the seed ports. They are easy to clean and maintain.

An excellent selection of tube feeders is available on the Bird Feeding Place Web site.


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