There are over 20 species of woodpeckers found in the U.S. and Canada. The most famous is the Ivory-billed woodpecker, which is now probably extinct. The similar pileated woodpecker is crow sized and common in many parts of its range. The most widespread is northern flicker. This adaptable woodpecker can be found from Florida to central Alaska.

Red-headed woodpecker. Photo by
Bill Horn.

Q. How can I attract woodpeckers to my feeders?
A. Try feeding suet, peanuts or orange/grapefruit halves.

Q. A woodpecker is pounding away on the side of my house. How can I safely convince him to stop?
A. This seems to occur most often during the spring nesting season. Try placing wind chimes in the area or a rubber snake. You may have to temporarily place a wire mesh, such as chicken wire, over the most popular areas. If the problem persists contact your state fish and wildlife department.

If the problem occurs in the late summer or fall you might want to check the areas favored by the woodpeckers for the presence of wood-boring beetles or other insects.


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