Domestic cats kill millions of native birds, small mammals and lizards each year.

Cats Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats, was started by the American Bird Conservancy to end the death and suffering of birds and other wildlife caused by free-roaming domestic cats. Cats Indoors! tries to educate cat owners, decision makers and the general public on the dangers of free-roaming domestic cats. Outdoor cats pose a significant risk to birds and other wildlife, may suffer themselves, and can be a threat to human health.

Cats Indoors! encourages cat owners to keep their cats indoors and advocates laws, regulations, and policies to protect cats and birds, including the humane removal of free-roaming cats from areas important to wildlife. The campaign promotes grassroots efforts to address the issue at state and local levels.

The American Bird Conservancy makes educational materials available for the Cats Indoors! program. These materials include brochures, fact sheets, posters, camera-ready public service announcements and an educators' guide.

Visit the American Bird Conservancy Web site for additional information. Many of the support materials are available from their Web site.