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For Immediate Release
June 29, 2004 Announces Major Expansion
Fifty new Web sites provide state-specific wild bird information.

McKinney, Texas - Over 50 million Americans watch and feed birds in their backyard. One of the challenges faced by many has been the availability of information specific to a particular area. In response to this need, has launched fifty new Web sites, one for each state.

Each of the sites provides information on certain aspects of backyard birding in that state. For example, a wide range of native plants is listed on each state site for those with an interest in gardening and birding. The state-specific information is supplemented with articles and news of a more general interest.

The question and answer section is an exciting part of the new sites. Visitors can submit questions on bird feeding, birdbaths or gardening for birds. Birdzilla has arranged for experts in each topic to answer questions submitted by e-mail, thereby providing information on the specific needs of each individual.

The sites can be accessed in two ways:

- Visit and select from the drop-down list of states on the top left.
- Go directly to a state site.

In most cases the Web site name is in the format of, such as or ( and are the only exceptions.) is one of the largest and most-visited wild bird related Web sites. Additional major expansions to the network will be announced in the coming weeks.